Hoosier Academies Indianapolis (Grades K–12)

Hoosier Academies Indianapolis (HA Indy) is a blended learning program serving students in grades K-12. However, we're only enrolling new students in grades K-11 for the 2018-2019 school year until we reach our cap of 312 in the Indianapolis Blended Program. Students attend the Learning Center, where they enjoy face-to-face instruction with a state-certified teacher for part of the week, while the remainder of weekly instruction is facilitated off-site with a "Learning Coach."

Since there is a face-to-face requirement, families across Indiana are welcome to enroll at Hoosier Academies Indianapolis as long as they are willing to transport their student to the Learning Center on scheduled days. Hoosier Academies Indianapolis operates two learning centers: Indianapolis Elementary School and Indianapolis Middle/High School. Learn more about the Indianapolis Elementary Learning Center or the Middle/High School Learning Center by attending an In-Person Information Session.

Understanding the K-8 Program

K-8 students interact with one or more state-certified teachers (depending on their grade level) and communicate regularly with their teachers. Everything students need for in-classroom instruction is provided at the Learning Center. For the off-site portion of the program, each family receives boxes of materials, including a variety of textbooks, videos, and other hands-on tools and resources. These materials complement the interactive online elements of our program, ensuring that students receive instruction using the best method available for each subject.

Hoosier Academies provides an extensive support system to both parents and students. Along with the physical materials and Online School, students can access synchronous instruction from one of our state-certified teachers, utilizing the highly interactive software program, BlackBoard Collaborate. Families experience the classroom coming alive in their home right through the computer screen. No one ever feels alone. In grades K-8, working closely with the teacher, a responsible adult serves as Learning Coach to the child, helping to facilitate his or her off-site progress and working to modify the pace and schedule as needed. Families should be prepared to spend five to seven hours per off-site day on schoolwork and activities in order to be successful at Hoosier Academies.

Understanding the High School Program

Imagine a public high school program that provides continual support to students as they and their families set their path on a range of post-high school goals. And further, imagine a high school that gives students the freedom to fully explore their interests. From career preparation to college prep, our high school program is designed to help students maximize their ability to succeed on whatever path they choose.

We provide a dynamic team of teachers to lead instruction and provide a connected school community. Hoosier Academies accesses the extensive K12 high school curriculum portfolio of core, elective, and Honors courses, including Math, English/Language Arts, Science, History/Social Sciences, and more.

While the high school program is designed to give students the freedom they need, students won't have to go it alone. In addition to participating at the high school Learning Center, there are scheduled group discussions, chat boards, and online classes connecting students with an active high school student community. Regular teachers' office hours keep the lines of communication open.