What Hoosier Academies Parents Say

"Hoosier Academies gives me the opportunity to be involved in my child's education like no other school can. I get instant feedback on how well he's doing. I can tell how he scored on an assessment. I never have to wonder or guess. Nothing falls through the cracks at Hoosier Academies. Whether your child is gifted, struggling, or at whichever level, there is attention for everyone. Also, the curriculum is quite rigorous and excellent. The staff has our children's best interest at heart. They work long and hard to accommodate the parents as well as the students. They are very dedicated. We are very grateful to be enrolled in Hoosier Academies. We couldn't be happier!"

- Jaunny Luta, Parent of student in grade 6

"Hoosier Academies doesn't treat students like products on an assembly line to be pushed and formed by the same mold and stamped out on a time schedule based on the student's age. Our kids get to be the unique individuals that they are, with attention paid to their special strengths, weaknesses, and different learning styles. By working together, the teachers and learning coaches help the students maximize their true learning potential. The amazing progress and changes we see in our own child are awesome."

- Judy Shuey, Parent of student in grade 6

"I have a boy and a girl in the fourth grade. We just started at Hoosier Academies in February 2011. We homeschooled previously. Hoosier Academies gives us just what we need. With the support of a fantastic staff and the structure of a great "flexible" curriculum, my children are empowered by the freedom this style of learning brings. I agree with the poet, William Butler Yeats, who said, "Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire."

- Brenda Potts, Parent of two students in grade 4

"We chose Hoosier Academies public charter school for one of our children because we believe they provide not only a rigorous curriculum, but also a learning environment that truly includes and welcomes the involved parent. The learning model they use is the only one like it in the nation. The parent as a learning coach, partnering with the child's teacher, is proving to be just the thing for children who are failing to thrive in the traditional public school system. Other public schools say they want more involved parents, but when it really comes down to helping your own child succeed, it turns out they want the parent to be involved with the whole school, not the individual child. With Hoosier Academies, parent involvement is a requirement. It's like they really want your child to succeed, not just the school to look good."

- Ben Bennett, Parent of student in grade 6