Meet Keely H.

Learn why Hoosier-Indy was the right fit for our school valedictorian, Keely H.

I started at Hoosier Academy in 2011. I was in 5th grade, and pretty upset about leaving my friends at my old school. As I began, though, I learned to appreciate the flexibility that the school offered. In my later high school years, that flexibility let me participate in 4-H and other programs that occurred during the school year.

The biggest way Hoosier has impacted me is by letting me take advanced courses. I began high school classes in seventh grade. With that head start, I was able to complete all of the credit requirements by the end of my junior year, and I was able to graduate a year early. I even got a head start on college through Hoosier's dual credit program.

Hoosier Hybrid's smaller class sizes made me more comfortable, let me interact and develop close relationships with my teachers, counselor, and classmates, and have a more personalized education.