Meet Jake L.

Hoosier Provides Student With the Challenges and Flexibility He Craved

Jake Luta, Senior 2017

Hoosier Academies - Indianapolis

I began my Hoosier Academy career on the first day that Hoosier Academy opened.  I was just 9 years old then, and entering the 4th grade.  Prior to Hoosier Academy, I attended a private school. My parents did not feel I was being appropriately challenged in that environment, and quickly began looking for other options. When they learned that Hoosier Academy's curriculum had to meet or exceed the best in the nation, and that families have the flexibility to learn at levels appropriate for the students, they knew they had found a good match.

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Photo of Jake L.

I had always been an advanced learner and Hoosier Academy's program allowed me to start high school courses in 7th grade.  Shortly thereafter, I was inducted into the National Honors Society.  Hoosier Academy's dual credit program allowed me to begin taking college courses on campus at Ivy Tech at the age of 15.  In December 2015, I became a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.  

Hoosier Academy's Blended Program enabled me to have the social interactions that I so very much enjoyed. I have had a chance to develop friendships with kids from a variety of backgrounds that I still maintain today. 

According to Jake's parents, "We feel so incredibly blessed to have had this option in schooling. We began thinking about homeschooling all of those years ago, and we were incredibly excited to see a program that gave us the best of both worlds.  It allows for a high degree of parental involvement with the support of wonderful teachers and administrative staff.  We are incredibly grateful to Hoosier Academy for giving us the opportunity to see Jake develop into a young man who embraces education. It will serve him well in his future academic career."